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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Return of Prodigal Daughter to Her Childhood

"I will come back when you grow up and be very very big, I promise!" I wailed with complete sincerity to..park of attractions! 

Salute dear readers! One more "a la Disneyana" joined us in Istancool a month ago! And no doubt it was my mission to check it out and write a post. It was a BIG BIG day for me! Let me be clear, it is not like the one in Paris or "Port Aventura" in Barcelona but...who knows maybe some day? Its name is "Vialand" and for now it is quite small but I must say they have paid a lot on its construction and thus future would be prosperous. Trust me, I am a potential economist! ;) 

I was absolutely disappointed not to see Micky Mouse but then again Duck was good enough as well. 

This Duck is certainly having fun! 

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