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Friday, 26 July 2013

My Tips to Lose Weight

Everyone knows that the trick about losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. The question is to eat what and how much to exercise? All individuals are very different thus diets and tips can't be equally good for everyone. So watch out and choose carefully if you are going to exercise or apply some kind of diet.


Some of my friends and family members have been on Dukan's diet and benefited from it but I still stay alarmed about it. Why? Basically Dukan's diet which is low-carb-diet is based on a few principles and one of them is no fruits in your daily nutrition. In my world that is wrong! I have asked my personal trainer about "no-fruits" and he said it is not right as our body needs to receive fructose and nothing else rather than fruits contains it. See our point? Just try to avoid fruits which contain a way too much sugar. Concentrate on berries, apples and etc. 


That is a general misunderstanding that watermelon is very good to lose weight especially if you do not eat anything else. Maybe a bit of cheese. Bla bla. WRONG! Watermelon contains too much sugar. If you feel like watermelon, one slice is enough.


I am personally a fan of any kind of sports. For a long time now I have been playing tennis, jogging, cardio, and recently I have started boxing. I am doing anything that keeps me energised. Usually 8 hours of cardio a week is really helpful. However, if it bores you, you may try CrossFit. Trust me you won't find time to be bored. Another good exercise for those who love a bit passive way of exercising is Pilates. It is especially good for ladies. Pilates kind of polishes your body...And yes a good way to motivate yourself for sports is buying nice sportswear!


We are not living during the WORLD WAR 3, so why to famish? Yes, if you are on diet, don't eat pasta or french fries but you can eat chicken, fish, and meat. Also, there is not such a thing that you can't eat fried food, you can but preferably fried on olive oil. Instead of french fries try vegetables or steamed rice. By the way, try to avoid any type of potatoes, sorry about that. 

For example.


Max is 1.5 or 2 litres a day. I mean we are not heading to Africa and we don't need to keep as much water as we can in our bodies. You do not want to look like barrel of water, do You? Just try to have a bottle water with you so that You can drink whenever You feel like and try not to drink less that 1.5 litres a day but don't force yourself for more. I sometimes prefer coconut water (My choice: Vita Coco) to ordinary water. Very good for skin and body. 


Chocolate and ice-cream is allowed. BUT.. if chocolate is dark and organic and if ice-cream is low fat. Those do exist. In Istanbul I know Mado has low fat chocolate ice-cream. That is magic! 

I hope these would be helpful! Remember, losing weight is good not only for the way you look but most importantly for your health and good-being!


  1. Ideally weight can be decreased between 1.5 kg - 2.5 kg or can even 7kg at the weekend. After that just how you maintain the ideal weight. As quoted from another diet site, the following details of the first day until the seventh day proram you should do.

    The First Day
    The first day is a very important day in the diet. Because of all the old habits changed and of course require some adaptation. Start the day by consuming fruits and watery light. Throughout the day you can only eat fruits rich in water, except bananas. You can also drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

    The Second Day
    If you want to know cara menurunkan berat badan, then you should be on a strict diet of vegetables. Consumption of vegetable colors. To process it should be consumed boiled or raw in salads. Do not cultivate by frying or pan-fried.

    To add variety, you can add the potatoes. But how to process it should also steamed or boiled. Do not forget to keep the consumption of water at least eight glasses a day.

    The Third Day
    Combine vegetables and fruits to be more colorful. You can consume three times or more a day. Do not add the potatoes or bananas if you want to lose weight by 7 kg. Drinking water intake remained as the previous day to avoid dehydration.

    The Fourth Day
    Today you can only eat bananas and milk. Bananas can be processed into anything except fried, eg banana milkshake or consumed directly. Remember, only two of this menu are allowed.

    Fifth Day
    On the fifth day is usually you already feel a little difference and a little lighter. You should consume 5 tablespoons of rice. Add 7-8 pieces of raw or stewed tomatoes. You can eat rice twice in the morning and afternoon. For dinner you should not consume rice. Increase your water intake.

    Day Six
    The morning breakfast with protein, for lunch consumption 5 tablespoons rice with a side dish of vegetables alone.

    Seventh Day
    The last day diet you can still consume 5 spoons of rice with vegetables and fresh fruits.

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