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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Manolo Valdis Exhibition in Istancool

Well, well, well.. long time no see. First of all, let me apologise for this long gap of my absence. Not professional for a blogger to be away for this long. But I have good (hopefully) news for You! No more I am a Londoner but ... Istanbuler? Should confess that does not sound chic. Anyway, so I have moved to live in Istanbul for this summer. Taking into account the fact that population of Istanbul is 20 million people I don't miss crowded London (maybe Hyde park a bit). Enjoying Istanbul at full with its perfect view to Bosphorus and sunny weather. Envy me :) It is my heaven on earth after gloomy years in London!

Istanbul really impressed me with its sense of style in means of culture and couture (never before I have stayed here this long). There is a story, there is emotion, there is diversity in every corner of Istanbul!

On the one of available weekends I headed to the one of the most popular museums around-Pera museum. Quite small but cosy museum was a host of leading figure of contemporary art -Manolo Valdis' exhibition. Exhibition of this spanish artist is at Pera Museum between 8 May and 21 July 2013 with a selection of works that extend from the 1980s to the present. His works derive their strength from the masterpieces of the past, bear historic clues, colors, and textures, and make strong references from Matisse to Picasso (You do see what I mean, don't You?). What impressed me? Stripping a painting from its original context and reinterpreting it through pop art! That was powerful!

...and then to digest this dose of culture we headed to Beyti restaurant specialising in roasted meat and located in Florya (just near the Ataturk International Airport). 

On the way...

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