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Friday, 12 July 2013

Let Them Eat Macaroons!

Laduree is passion! Love! Motivation! Taste! Laduree is the reason to travel 10 km a day just to eat it. Laduree is more than just a word. It makes everything look like a fairytale. Laduree cafe is not a place to sit just when you are bored somewhere, it is the whole reason of going. Yes, I am kind of obsessed with it...and if there is no Laduree in heaven I am not going!

In Istanbul there are two locations of Laduree (If I am not mistaken). One in Nishantashi (famous shoping street) and the other one in Istinye (famous shopping centre). I headed to Istinye where we had great time with my amazing friend who is in Florence now. She is amazing friend! Lets hope she is having fun there! :)

With gorgeous girls-sisters! 

If you have watched GG (Gossip Girl) you probably also recall so ever obvious marketing of macaroons by Blair. Gorgeous Blair Waldorf! 

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