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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Meet the Artist

Please welcome blog's guest, another talent from Azerbaijan. Another member of successful Azerbaijani youth. 20 year old young painter, photographer, charity host and a really creative person - Ulya Khalilova. 

Bringing the thoughts of an established and successful artist to the post was not really easy but I tried. I dropped some questions, and others I began to ask in a different way, fine-tuning my approach. The manner in which I asked things was everevolving. It just had to be so. There wasn't a perfect science to any of them.

Farida Aliyeva: In what colour do You see yourself? I know that artists usually relate different people with different colours. For instance, yellow is a colour of optimists. What about You? 
Ulya Khalilova: There is a phenomenon called psychology of colours and thus, this is a very psychological approach. For instance, as proved Etkind, green colour is usually associated with astonishment. However, another academician, Bajin has always been trying to prove that choice of green should be related to independence. When dark pink is assoicated with selfishness. I do not really associate myself with any of these colours. However, I would say I do have favourite colours and these are yellow, blue, and turquoise. Yellow is a favourite colour of people who seek new feelings and knowledge around them. And blue is a colour of people who tend to think deeply. 

F.A: Tell me something about your training and your influences. How did You become an artist? Was it a choice or fate?
U.Kh: I have been drawing since 5. Not only I have never stopped drawing but this passion in me grew more and more with every year.Drawing has been my choice. Not intentianal but it was a choice. I should say that my parents also played a great role in my career. After they noticed my talent they have always tried to support me. I feel lucky for that.

Ulya Khalilova

F.A: Do you have a specific artistic routine? What is your typical «start to finish» workflow when working on a new painting? (How do You work? Are your working times scheduled or does it come together with muse?) 
U.Kh: I do really enjoy spending my time at workshop of Naila Akhmedova who has been my teacher for a long time now. After a long and exhausting day at university I go there and immediately start working. Because I know.. if muse does not visist me for a long time she comes as soon as I step into the workshop.

F.A: I have seen many of your works. Thus, it really interests me how does representation and a tendency towards abstraction find their balance in your work?
U.Kh: My teacher always says that it is much better to know what you are going to draw. I am not a fan of concreteness in my works. I always start drawing from some kind of point with no clue how it is going to end. Mostly, when I start drawing something it ends up absolutely differently. Maybe that is the reason why I choose abstract painting.

F.A: Where are you and your art headed?
U.Kh: I have a lot of plans and projects in my head right now. They are mostly realted to exhibitions, charity and etc. But for now my main aim is to graduate from the Academy of Arts sucessfully and become interior designer in Azerbaijan. At the same time, I do see myself as a "high fashion" and "nude" style  photographer.

F.A: I know that in addition to be a talanted painter You are also a successful photographer. I will be honest with you. Nowadays, everyone who has a camera call himself a professional photographer. I have seen your photos and I really like them. But, what do you think differentiate You from them?
U.Kh: What makes me different is that I do not only capture the moment, I feel it. Yes, I would agree with you that these days people who with camera tend to call themselves professional photographers. But not all of these people become photographers to leave something behind themselves and to convey message and emotions to audience. They only see commercial benefits of it and use relations to establish  themselves as so called "posh" photographers.

F.A: If You were to capture life with one photo, what would it be? 
U.Kh: Children. They are our future and hopes...

F.A: Thank you for you time and I wish that your talant leads You to broader horizons. And I hope that if You are going to have an exhibition soon, I will be one of first individuals receiving an invitation. 
U.Kh: I will only be glad to see you there. Thank you, too.

P.S Talking with artists can sometimes be really frustrating. There are so many obstacles you can run into. Three things are the most difficult— ambiguity, reluctance, and waywardness. These people are so different. They see life from a totally different angle than we do. And it has its own awkward beauty. 

You can also visit artist's facebook page here...


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