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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Like I am a Neutral Observer

After a long period of studying in my homeland Azerbaijan I ended up with an on-going bachelor degree in the United Kingdom. In the place where I was one of a few Azerbaijanis, relatively small to other dominant nations in means of amount of population. This probably was a beginning. A beginning of new understanding. A beginning of new perceptions. Here was the time I started to think about complex issues on an analytical level, far... trust me much far above the ground where people actually live.

Luckily, I started living in the place where all people from various backgrounds are treated equally. Luckily, I started living in the UK. Luckily, I saw diversity and the difficulites it brings. I was acquainted with people here who suffered in the place they lived mainly because of not being understood and then moved to the UK. The reason why I have never seen such problems in my homeland is because Azerbaijan has always been very open and tolerant to representatives of minority groups. I have never seen anyone addressing the neighbour in any not proper way just because of their ethnicity.

But does the fact that people I have met here were oppressed mean that something is missing in our global discourse? Is it racism? Is it apartheid? Is it exclusion that creates all these misunderstandings among people? Why are we getting  far and far from the fundamental dignity that joins each member in the family of humankind? It may sound obvious. But isn't it too easy to lose sight of in our fast paced world where challenges are so immense?

Maybe this is coincidence (though I have never believed in them) but in London I am living in the area where in the closest park you can see a quite small but always surrounded with flowers-monument to Gandhi who for me was and is a creed of nonviolence. Who was the one who taught us to find ourself by losing ourself in the service of others!

We-People do know all these good things about family of humankind, love of peace and an open window from west to east but when it comes to it we just decide to forget. We lack moral language of the conscience. We lack something emotionally high such as empathy. Yet the East has occupied one part and the West another. And despite the fact that everything outside their windows is the same, they see it absolutely differently. And the reason for that is because the windows themselves are tinted by each side’s greediness.

Let us not forget that even if sun rises in the East it sets in the West...

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