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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Green is my favorite - because it's the colour of grass, trees, money, and life

 Probably, right now You are reading this blog post sprawled on the sofa, exhausted but happy after a day full of sunshine (finally sunny in London), under the happy foretaste of Sunday blues. Let me also note that my iPhone application says it will be sunny tomorrow again!
I love watching sunny London from my room on the 32nd floor with a panoramic floor to ceiling vista opening onto a view of Central London.. Just kiddin...Back to the topic now. Sunny London is utterly gorgeous! And luckily today was cloudless azure day full of generous sprinkling of cosiness!
Whenever London gives us a peek of the Sun, I rejoice! Such weather must have a climatic celebration! Like...devouring ice-creams whilst sprawled on the grass, faces turned up to the sun! And I did! Watch out! ;)

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