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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Can I Have Burger and Lobster Please?!

I finally got there! I finally got to Burger and Lobster! What is different about this restaurant? You can only order either lobster or burger. No need to sit there half an hour and read the menu. That easy...

A month ago went there on Friday night with my friends and guess what? Manager of the restaurant asked us to wait approx. three hours. So, we just suddenly understood that we were not hungry anymore and left...I know You are thinking why on earth she didn't reserve a place on a busy Friday night? There is one super annoying thing about this restaurant: there is no reservation policy. 

This time we went there on Tuesday at 1pm and it was half empty.. Or let's be optimistic and say, it was half FULL. When it comes to decor, it was some kind of different. It was like Swiss chalet and an American diner had a baby and this lovechild grew up in Mayfair...yeah, it was exactly like this. 

Burger & Lobster Soho 36 Dean Street
Tel: 020 7432 4800

No menus for food . Two dishes, the lobster or the burger. Obviously, only one lobster would be too skinny for me so I have chosen burger with big juicy bacon. Yummy!
Definitely best burger I have ever eaten!

Me so happy!

Went through Soho when going home...

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