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Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Tale of a Girl in a Cosmopolitan City - Interview

Dear readers, on my blog I will be posting interviews with successful members of youth about their views on education, life and some other interesting things. Today, meet Azerbaijani fashionista, future economist and successful student based in London - Natavan Guliyeva. After a photosession of her by me in Russel Park, London I asked this young and sophisticated lady a few questions about her life as a young student abroad, fashion, education and much more.

Farida Aliyeva- What is playing in your headphones right now? (She has been wearing headphones just before we met at the park) 
Natavan Guliyeva- Ron Pope - A drop in the Ocean. 

F.A Have not really heard it. Is it a popular composition these days? 
N.G It is not a very popular composition and quite old relatively to our fast moving music industry. I do enjoy it, though.

F.A What are your dreams and what are they all about?
N.G It is a personal topic and sometimes you do not want to share them. I think my case is the same...

F.A Then, may I ask what should be aims and targets of a lady at the age of seventeen? 
N.G This is a very important time in person's life. This is like a bridge from childhood to maturity. And I am very happy that I step to this phase in my life in London. London is a place where You get older twice faster...When it comes to the aim a girl should have at this age is be highly educated in order to be free and confident.

F.A How do you define a successful woman?  Do you relate success to family or career?
N.G It is a very interesting question. Although, a bit challenging. I am for the golden mean. I mean, I think if you want to be happy you should try hard to be successful in both.

F.A What do You usually do after classes and on weekends?
N.G Usually, I talk to my parents on Skype. Have a cup of mint tea with my friends and chat about everything happened on that day. And of course as a student I usually try to catch up with my assignments.

F.A Does it mean that you do not love going out? What is your favourite place in London? 
N.G I would not say so...I cannot even think of anything else but Covent Garden. I am definitely a Covent girl! (She winks to me playfully and I recognise that young girl spirit in this delicate lady in front of me).

F.A Most of the girls from high society sometimes cannot force themselves to think of anything else but fashion and beauty. And this really upsets me as a member of our youth. My point is You always look very stylish and polished, at the same time You are one of the brightest students on your course. How do You manage to find time for both?  Is it that easy?
N.G Today, my priority is to be a bright student with great results and to get what I can from the course I study at and the city I live in. London is such a place where you learn something with every single day spent here. On the other hand, as most of the young girls I want always to look polished and well dressed to feel confident. There is a saying ..."today you should do things you are forced to do, in order tomorrow to do things you want and enjoy doing."

F.A Thank You very much for your time, and tons of luck in the upcoming exams.
N.G Thank You, I wish you the same.

Copyright Farida Aliyeva 

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