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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What is Happiness?

This is a question that has not bothered me for a very long time, maybe because I don’t know how to answer it precisely. Some people seem to be happy, but they do not think about it. Others just make plans to be happy. It is difficult to understand who is happy and who is not, because people rarely admit that. Few people have ever told me "I’m unhappy". Most say, "I’m fine, I’ve managed to get all I ever wanted". What about You? Yes You! What makes you happy? And please don't tell me you have everything that a person can dream of – a family, a home, work, good health. You do not mean that meaning of life is work, the family, children, a wife or husband, do you? And please do not change the subject...In order to see what other people think about this phenomenon I have asked a few friends of mine what is happiness and these are the answers:

Nigar Guliyeva. Southampton, UK

"Happiness is love, love to people around us, love to the things we do, love to ourself. It is inside our soul, within us."

Natavan Guliyeva London, UK

"Happiness is the ability to see and appreciate what you have, not to be concerned with what you don't have. It begins with believe in yourself, in love and in the power of your dreams. And the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others, because happiness gets bigger when you share it."

Ramin Hakimov. London, UK

"Happiness is about one's self confidence. I am happy when i am self-confident.  
Happiness is about supreme goal, being ambition, knowing what you want and working hard to make it real. 

Happiness is about dreaming. Never let your memories be more than dreams. Happiness is about making others happy and when i find a share in others' joy.  
Happiness is either about facing your mistakes or being shameless. 
Happiness is about better ending rather living better. This is true happiness. 
Happiness is when you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."

Togrul Imanov. Baku, Azerbaijan

"Love is reflection of external events in you. If your inner world is honest & kind, this reflection, i.e. your feelings are sparkling/ shining & you always feel Happy! Happiness is everywhere. If you want to find it, you need to look at the world with kidly open eyes & you will see it."

Emin Baghirov. London, UK

"Science defines HAPPINESS as the positive, wide range of emotions that we feel, experience when we are satisfied or full of joy. As for me, I don’t agree, I think happiness is strongly linked to one’s mood, and we can be happy for no reason at all! But it is true that you are more open to it when you are in love. So, just love, try to be in good mood and if you know Russian, watch this video!:"

Farida Aliyeva. London, UK

"Happiness is inside us.
I’m happy smelling the cold air, watching the morning come, listening to good music, I’m happy being useful, making people smile. There is no standard recipe. What makes me happy not necessarily makes you happy either. The only way to be so is to comprehend yourself by accepting your deepest needs, emotions, thoughts and sensibilities. 
Happiness is peace of mind with our path in this world. Of course, we will still have internal struggles, external struggles and insignificant daily annoyances, however to be truly happy is to know oneself, or to be in the process of discovering oneself. To reach happiness demands interior serenity. Get to know yourself better, then everything comes easier!"

BE HAPPY and as all people on pictures above SMILE! 

Thanks a lot for sharing their ideas on my blog dear Nigar, Natavan, Ramin, Togrul, and Emin. You are amazing! 


  1. If we consider the above from a deeper spiritual perspective, happiness really means the amount of money we have

  2. It doesn`t matter how much money you have, it depend on all above mentioned...Believe us!))))

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