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Saturday, 2 February 2013

From Prison To Luxury Hotel

You may call it which way You want: interpreting a space or new way of marketing but lately some spaces that once were prisons converted into buildings that serve many purposes and some even into luxury hotels! Do not know what about You but I am not going, even if they have chairs from gold decorated with emeralds and diamonds.
Four Seasons, Turkey

At Sultanahmet, in an ancient city bounded by the mystic waters of the Golden Horn, Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus, find 65 Istanbul luxury hotel rooms and suites housed in a century-old neoclassical Turkish prison. 

Librije Hotel, Netherlands

Librije’s Hotel is a small five-star hotel in the Netherlands and offers its guests “ultimate hotel experience” as they say. After being restored and renovated monumental building from the beginning of the eighteenth century and the ex-prison, the hotel opened in 2008. 

Latvian, Latvia

Well, they say, 'less is more', and it is definitely the case with this “hotel” in Latvia, built from an ex-KGB prison. No need to use your imagination here, as you will live exactly the oppressive atmosphere that reigned during the regime.


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