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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Magical Power of 40

Life begins at Forty!

The mention of the numeric 40 impacts different people in different ways. Let me review a few historically verifiable examples that make the number forty so significant:

When someone dies we wait for 40 days to pass, when child is born it takes 40 days for him to get used to a new life.

According to the Holy Bible, before the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, He spent Forty Days and Forty Nights in the silence.

Buddha sat under the tree and mediated for 40 days.

When the Israelites left Egypt to return to the Promised Land, they lost their way. They wasted Forty years wandering in the Wilderness, before they eventually found their way into the Promised Land.

Before Jesus began his Ministry about two thousand years ago, he spent Forty Days and Forty Nights in the silence and solitude of the Desert. And was seriously tempted by Satan, but did overcome.

Before the holy Quran was first revealed to Him about fourteen centuries ago, Prophet Mohammad spent forty days and forty nights in the silence and solitude.

When we in love we need 40 days to wait until we can prove to ourselves that we are not wrong.

Forty is really magical!

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