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Monday, 21 January 2013

Latest Two Classics Screened

I have been thinking about visiting cinema this week but because of the brutal cold in London I have decided to postpone my visit or watch some movies online. Strange, have you noticed that cold is one of the factors which kills movie market? Very bad for Hollywood though... But anyways the movies I still really want to watch are 'Les Miserables', novel written by Victor Hugo and 'The Great Gatsby' by Scott Fitzgerald. I am interested particularly in these because they are classics and it has been always interesting to watch the film after you have read the book. 

Actually, I really appreciate the try of directors to refer to masterpieces. Starting with 'Anna Karenina', number of movies screened based on classics have been increasing. Also, I have noticed that any movie based on the book increases the sales for the book. If you live in London you can clearly see that when visiting Waterstones-the largest bookshop chain. So if I finally reach Odeon or any other cinema I am definitely going to write the review. 


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