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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Visiting Valentino Garavani's exhibition

I have finally visited Valentino Garavani's exhibition at Somerset House in London and I am absolutely impressed by this visit. Divided into three sections, visitors start with a private view of Valentino's world through photographs from his personal archive, offering an intimate portrait of the life of the master. The exhibition then unfolds into a couture fashion show where roles are reversed with visitors walking the catwalk to view a staggering one hundred and thirty Valentino haute couture designs on the right and on the light side. I bet they did this on purpose so you just can't see them all. Shortly, Valentino: Master of Couture exhibition is an amazing journey into the secretive world of Italian couture!

The exhibition is still on so You can visit it by 3rd March, 2013 at Embankment Galleries, South Wing.

Я душу свою от всего сохраню

Бессилие, скажи как ты стала целым миром моим
Изменился сюжет жизни моей одним желанием твоим
Приукрашено все снова надеждой лживой
Той что дружит с безнадежностью незримой

Тоска, скажи почему ты затмила счастья января
Зачем ты так, ведь сейчас ты не ты и я не я
Ты же сама теперь ноеш с болью в унисон
Прости но жизнь моя не ресторан, и я не твой гарсон

Вера, не прогоняй меня, поверь мне некуда идти
Молю тебя не дай мне безвозвратно сжечь мосты
Я смогу, я сумею. Я пропавшую надежду найду
Душу свою одной не оставлю. Я ее от всего сохраню


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Только мечта все ведет за собою

Мне снился сон будто я на дороге стою
Стою не в силах догнат, стою и смотрю
Всe по дороге этой дальше уходять
Вроде время стоит а вот солнце заходит

... Вокруг цвет белий и синий и дорога вдоль моря
Я на лево смотрю там просторы узоря
Не кричу я, не мыслю и с собою не спорю
Мне бы отсюда уйти, мне бы ближе к морю

Всe ушли больше некого не осталось
Но почему сердце так cильно сжалось?
Что за тень смотрит мне прямо в глаза?
И по щеке не от страха тени льётся слеза.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blog Hits 50 000 Pageviews!

Happy to announce that my blog has reached 50 000 pageviews! Today I have become a bit emotional because blog is a very important part of me. I try my best to make blog be the reflection of me. Thanks to every single reader! Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for leaving comments. Now the target is 100 000 pageviews!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Magical Power of 40

Life begins at Forty!

The mention of the numeric 40 impacts different people in different ways. Let me review a few historically verifiable examples that make the number forty so significant:

When someone dies we wait for 40 days to pass, when child is born it takes 40 days for him to get used to a new life.

According to the Holy Bible, before the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, He spent Forty Days and Forty Nights in the silence.

Buddha sat under the tree and mediated for 40 days.

When the Israelites left Egypt to return to the Promised Land, they lost their way. They wasted Forty years wandering in the Wilderness, before they eventually found their way into the Promised Land.

Before Jesus began his Ministry about two thousand years ago, he spent Forty Days and Forty Nights in the silence and solitude of the Desert. And was seriously tempted by Satan, but did overcome.

Before the holy Quran was first revealed to Him about fourteen centuries ago, Prophet Mohammad spent forty days and forty nights in the silence and solitude.

When we in love we need 40 days to wait until we can prove to ourselves that we are not wrong.

Forty is really magical!

Strange Websites Part One

This website is aimed to stop cow abduction by aliens. It is claimed that cows are abducted by UFOs before they were mutilated and thrown back down to earth. Creaters of this website even wrote a letter to aliens!

My Latest Works

My Top Movies List

I know that no matter how much busy you are, there is always some time when you are bored. So what I advice you to do (apart from visiting my blog of course) is to watch something interesting. I have prepared a post dedicated to my favourite movies so that you can choose any of them to watch. I must tell that all are carefully chosen so each is worth watching. Trust my taste.

1) The Limitless

Eddie Morra, a burnt-out writer, discovers a top-secret pill that unlocks 100% of his brain's capacity. He instantly acquires mind-bending talents and mesmerizing visions that bring him limitless success. But his dream life soon becomes a waking nightmare.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Ты не друг но и не враг

Жизнь, ты мне не друг но и не враг
Cмирилась с этим сама не знаю как
Не веришь? Тогда хотя бы послушай
Ведь то с чем ты играешь это души

Жизнь, хочешь я тебе расскрою тайну
О том что и ты однажды  уйдешь случайно
И с собой заберешь неразгаданный ответ
Хотя, ты же знаешь случайностей нет

Жизнь, ты для людей приют, кусочек рая
Зачем ломаешь нос гордостью играя
Остоновись, задумайся, пойми
Поверь, не так легко быть людьми

В ночи запрещаем тишине открываться
Чтобы вдруг не начать в себе сомневаться
Закрыто держим и так не без грешную душу
Боясь что открыв твой покой нарушим

Продолжaем себя ложью исцелять
Но от лекарства болезнь получаем опять
Чтобы себя не услышать слушаем всех
Стараясь поверить в иллюзорный успех

Жизнь, ты даже себя изменить не в силах
А нас заставляешь играть красиво
И мы все как продажные актеры
Живем или играем вживаясь в роли

Жизнь, Я знаю ты нам не друг но и не враг…


Healthy Habits

I have scheduled lifestyle so I really obey rules I have created for myself. There are a few things I do regularly and find it very useful so I have decided to share it here:

1) Eat oats with yogurt and add any favourite fruit cut in small pieces in the mixture
Why? Oats are good source of fibre. Fiber refers to the portions of grains, vegetables and fruits that your body can't absorb from the gastrointestinal tract. When you eat oats, your intestines absorb the vitamins, minerals and sugar. Sometimes eating oats everyday can be too dry for you stomach so it is better to add yogurt which is 'Activia' in my case. I also add fruits, mostly strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and apple.

2) Drink pure coconut water during the day
Why? Coconut water is composed of many naturally occurring bioactive enzyme and is a very good source of B-complex vitamins. Coconut extremely hydrates skin! Even Victoria's Secret models consume it, you see my point? Also, coconut water contains a very good amount of electrolyte potassium. More than banana, but don't tell monkeys please! :) Among all coconut water producers I prefer VitaCoco.

The Art of Choosing

At some point of my life I tend to be very sensitive and too deep thinking which is quite extraordinary for someone who has just turned twenty. So I have been thinking about it for a long time. Why? Why do I have these ideas at this early phase of my life? Why do I care about so many things which are not always related to me and my life. Nature of human coexistence, coherence between freedom and fortune have been the main topic of my long debates with myself ...Hard for me to say the exact reason, but I assume Dostoevsky whose books I have been reading since the age of twelve had quite strong impact. Maybe that is the reason why children read stories with happy-ends and not the dark sided novels like I did. Maybe that is why they say every age has its own literature. I did not know the importance of choosing the right literature. I did not even know the importance of choices by that time. Now I do, but does it really change anything? I guess it does. Maybe I have missed many times in my life where I should have made better choices or maybe I should have known that I have bundles of alternatives to choose from. Or I should have understood that I am actually making a choice...What I am trying to say is that literature we read can totally change our mind, the way we think and behave and so it changes us as an individual. Despite the fact that it sounds like a very basic thing, choosing right books to read, movies to watch and music to listen is of a great importance not only for children but for people at different ages. It can change your future choices, your future pathway and ultimately, it formulates your life.

About Elif Shafak and Armenification

In this post I will try to be as sincere as I can be. Many people who are acquainted with Elif Shafak's works usually compare her to Orkhan Pamuk. I remember studying at high school when I first bought Orkhan Pamuk's book because of numerous recommendations coming from my age mates. For now I do not really remember the name of the book but what I precisely remember was that I just put it away nearly after thirty pages read. Maybe because I am always busy enough I try to carefully choose books I read and this time I was mistaken. That was my first disappointment about Pamuk and I never ever I referred to him back again. Only a year after that I have heard that he was granted the Nobel Prize in literature and had a ban on visiting Turkey which is his homeland.

No matter how much I hate generally accepted notions, most people tell that he sold his native land with every single book he wrote and that was the price he paid. I do not think I have the right to critise him as an individual, at least because he is three times older than me and so is his life experience. And also the fact that Pamuk is the professor at Columbia University is something to be really proud about. But when I look at Pamuk's works from the Turkish ideological perspective it is hard for me to accept the messages he tries to convey to readers. He totally destroys the image of current Turkey. He is not the only one who sees ''previous'' Turkey as a perfect model for the turks and people with other background living there but that is another case which I am not going to talk about.

Coming to Elif Shafak...I have heard about her a few times but mainly I got to know her when my great friends suggested me to attend her lecture at SOAS University last November. I must confess that it was good experience but I was really shocked when she arrived almost an hour late and did not even express her regret about that. Well, this is weird, and can be considered as impoliteness in UK and in most other countries I know. She, who has been living in US should have known that. What I can say about her speech was that I knew that writers find it extremely hard to talk in front of the public but I thought that they at least talk in sequence. I was wrong. Elif Shafak was talking about everything, and it was really not structed talk which was then followed by the 'answers to questions session' instead of the lecture. I rarely take notes at the lectures but I did that time. Which meant that, yes, she has some really good ideas and points.

Latest Two Classics Screened

I have been thinking about visiting cinema this week but because of the brutal cold in London I have decided to postpone my visit or watch some movies online. Strange, have you noticed that cold is one of the factors which kills movie market? Very bad for Hollywood though... But anyways the movies I still really want to watch are 'Les Miserables', novel written by Victor Hugo and 'The Great Gatsby' by Scott Fitzgerald. I am interested particularly in these because they are classics and it has been always interesting to watch the film after you have read the book. 

Actually, I really appreciate the try of directors to refer to masterpieces. Starting with 'Anna Karenina', number of movies screened based on classics have been increasing. Also, I have noticed that any movie based on the book increases the sales for the book. If you live in London you can clearly see that when visiting Waterstones-the largest bookshop chain. So if I finally reach Odeon or any other cinema I am definitely going to write the review. 


Friday, 18 January 2013

Что ты знаешь о войне?

Что ты знаешь о вине?
O той которой терзает во сне
Что узнал о сатане?
Кому пол мира продалcя в тишине
Что увидел когда был на коне?
Людей которых свято клялись тебе?
Cтой прошу c ответом не спеши
Сам соврав как они не греши

Скажи, что ты знаешь о войне?
Оставившей взгляд матерей в окне
Правдa некто не забыт, нечего не забыто
То дети отцов помнят рaзмыто

Cердце за завтра бьется тревожно
Об этой войне забыть невозможно
Было же и есть к победе стремление
Только вот дорога цена, ушло поколение

Дни, года отодвигают и дальше даты
Приходят обиды, уходять солдаты
Те кто побывал в жизненном бою
Знают каково жертвовать жизнь свою

Их дом наша память а не могилы
Ведь они жизнь отдали и не только силы
Не смотря не на что огонь надежд не угас
И за их подвиги мы благодарны сейчас


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Starry Nights

I do spend some nights just reading a novel, drinking tea and watching starry night! This calms me and gives energy. This is the time when I find harmony within myself. Nights are different. They always bring old hopes and regrets. Nights are emotional. At nights I look at the starts and I wonder if the stars think we are beautiful too?


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Уже Двадцать!

Через несколько часов мне будет двадцать. Произнесла это вслух и у самой мурашки по телу. Даже не верится... Решила написать об этом торжественном дне очень искренний и короткий пост. Ведь такой юбилей будет только через лет десять. За неделю до этого дня думала чего же я добилась, что узнала и чему научилась за все эти полные двадцать лет? А научилась я действительно многому. И научилась я всему этому у жизни за последние три года когда начала жить одна вдали от семьи в Лондоне. Когда перестала быть королевой своего мира.

Научилась понимать что каждый отвечает за свои же ошибки, что для того чтобы добиться успеха рассчитывать нужно только на себя. Научилась ценить тишину и главное научилась верить только самым близким. Вместе с этим я научилась не осуждать а искренне понимать людей и принимать их такими какими они есть. Научилась думать не проблемами а их решениями. Научилась быть жестокой, если надо. Научилаcь не боятся спрашивать. Научилась учиться у каждого человека. И наконец, я научилась думать и размышлять. 

Узнала что есть очень тонкая грань между потерей рассудка и потерей веры в себе. Узнала что люблю рисовать и что не могу не писать в блог. Узнала что ум привязывает человека, не дает рисковать и проигрывать опасностям. Узнала что истинная грязь внутри людей а остальное отмывается просто. Узнала что недосказанность остается внутри гниет и мучает скорбя. Узнала что умею писать стихи. Узнала что у верности и чести не срока годности. Да и ещо узнала что мое подсознание может изменить мои мысли а значит и мой мир.

Перестала стараться быть кем-то другим потому что миру нужна моя индивидуальность нежели чья то копия. Перестала подстраиваться под других из за их прихотей. Я наконец то перестала искать счастье поняв что счастье не пункт назначения а сам жизненный путь!

И за все это спасибо моей семье!
Спасибо всем людям которие были со мной за все эти годы!
Спасибо и тем кого уже нет рядом!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Sweet Morning!

Hope You are doing really well my dear reader! I assume you have two minutes to spend on this post so let me tell you my sweet story...Today I woke up a bit late. Have almost finished my coursework successfully yesterday so I can afford waking up in the late morning.  Or at least I hope so...Must tell you that this is my last week in Baku so I have decided to have a breakfast with the tastiest dessert ever - Pakhlava this morning! Yummy!!

Till we meet again?! xx