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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Winter Romanticism or Let It Snow

It is Christmas very soon. But it is no more a big deal. I do not even have a Christmas tree at home. Most of my friends don't. When was in London have seen a lot of banks, shops, and other public places having Christmas tree beautifully decorated but it is just part of marketing, indeed.

There was time when Christmas was so important, children were writing letters to Santa, waiting for presents under the tree. It was just like winter and Christmas stepping into our life together. Now, winter knocks the door without Christmas. Times have changed. Winter comes just with its cold.

Actually, romantics are the ones who invented the winter. They were the ones who could fully appreciate the winter's sharp instict and keen memory. Winter is a kind of spring but for aesthetes who find May's green and gloom too common.

Unfortunately, that winter is now over. All we have now is television and computer...

I have selected some great paintings by Claude Monet reminding that fairy tale winter


  1. Здравствуй, романтично, но грустно, это не моя зима
    Кстати почему на вы, не узнаешь?

  2. Возможно. Хотя я вижу зиму именно такой. Нет не узнала, вы ведь аноним.

  3. сорри да, это Али, давным давно ты мне ссылку посылала, просматривал почту нашел, теперь периодически читаю твой блог.)

  4. На самом деле не помню такого, но все равно спасибо.

  5. Ммм Баку, банк .....

  6. Алииии очень рада слышать:))

  7. Рад что узнала)) жалко, что редко получается заходить