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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

National Identity in Contemprorary Context

You have probably heard some debates about multiple belonging and wondered why it is so important these days. I will just quickly go though it because I am not sure if our society knows what it is going to face...

Have you ever thought what you belong to?
Have you ever felt that you are belonging to multiple religions, ethnicities, regions or countries rather than just one?

When it comes to me in order to answer these questions I would confess that I have not even moved towards multiple belonging yet. This has been something always contradicting my prinsiples. It has not been the case of loyalty but the understanding of the perception of this idea itself. I could not even dare to think I may replace my current (for that time) views and insights with regard to the challenge of contemporary multiple belonging concept.

However, when you live in a country like the UK, you understand that sometimes multiple belonging is something natural and not avaidable. There are various examples I may bring to your attention such as dual citizens, migrants, workers who are connected to two or more cities, children who are embedded in two families when their parents split up, scholars who are affiliated with studying abroad and etc.

Modern politics looks suspiciously at the contemprorary image of national identity. Although, this is a part of globalisation countries are still not ready for it. That is obvious. Take the case of Germany with Turkish or Britain with Chinese immigrants. This is NOT racism, neither this is jealousy of sharing their country. People should think less emotionally. This is just the understanding of the responsibilities behind the acception of multiple belonging as a whole.

Despite all my respect to the tolerance of people who are open minded to all kinds of multiple belongings I still consider that no matter where your location is multiple belonging can't exist formally. I know that this is very controversial claim and maybe in a few years from now I will change my mind. But for now this is how it is...

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