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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gender War

Let me get this straight. I am not a feminist. Neither this is the way I was brought up. I am just a bit concerned that in the history of women's movement it is very rare to find any hint of men's involvement. This isn't what I want to believe in but it is the fact that males strove to hold women back at every possible turn.

Gender oppression has been a feature of battle and conflict throughout the long history of human being until fairly recent times, very little attention was devoted to the consequence of discrimination. Thankfully, it is changing. Now, international advocates for women's rights have focused bringing issues of violence and exclusion into peace making process and despite of being challenging task it is working.

I know that many of you would say, it has been so for a few centuries but time has changed. Now, women have the same opportunities, and of course responsibilites. I would agree with that and would also add that gender wars undoubtfully have left women in rational parts of the World but yet again at a huge disadvantage and it will take a few more centuries to fully recover. At least morally.

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