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Monday, 12 November 2012

Visiting Frieze Art Fair 2012

This year Frieze Art Fair celebrated its 10th anniversary with its biggest event yet here in London. However, it was accompanied by the now familiar big gallery openings, great shows and other interesting events happening all over the capital. Arrrggh! Too. Much. Culture for that week.

Coming to what I think about Frieze 2012...

There were odd juxtapositions which looked… I think the technical word is 'not-very-clear-for-me'. Better are the galleries that have the courage of their convictions. Some art objects costed more than £100 000. Cheap when compared to a million-plus Turner.

Yet art doesn't have to be anything. It can be a joke, a sentiment, a memory trigger, a cake. The art is often contained in the viewer's response. It's hard to free ourselves from the idea that art must be viewed reverently, in quiet contemplation of its beauty. 

For the 10th year Frieze gives us an opportunity to feel art closer, so why not have some fun? 

Me and my amazing friend just after the exhibition.

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