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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Big Bird. A Menace to US Economy. Obama - Funny Video

Trust me sometimes one phrase may change your world... or vote count at presidential elections. Nooone can understand me as Mitt Romney would if he was reading this post (who knows maybe once he will).  

Big Bird is a popular  in United States character, fans of which are not only pre-school children, but the presidential candidates. During the recent presidential debate, a victory that surprised many won by Mitt Romney, a Republican, said: "I like PBS (channel that airs" Sesame Street "). I like Big Bird." Then the hearts of millions of voters have already started to melt, but Romney added: "But if I win, I will stop subsidising PBS. I will not spend money on these things."

 "Sesame Street" came out in 1969. Since heroes transmission became favorites not only in America but in the entire world. This show had special guests like Nicole Kidman, David Beckham and even first lady Michelle Obama.  Romney's well-known opponent Obama's campaign headquarters issued a video in which Big Bird is compared with economic criminals of the US, thus ridiculing Romney. 
Very short and funny video. 

However, the creators of Big Bird have called on the Obama campaign to withdraw a new advertisement video. Sad.

P.S   PBS funding is $450m p.a.

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