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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Big Shoes to Fill at the House of Dior

Maybe this is too early to say so (quite a few days to go) but I guess Paris Fashion Week will stuck in minds of socialities and commons with Dior's debut, Isabel Marant floral tie-front dresses and of course Victor and Rolf's beautiful black rose prints. But most importantly I want to expand this Dior's debut topic and share my excitement over a great work. 

 If Jil Sander was the big story in Milan, then Raf Simons at Dior - and his first ready-to-wear collection since his appointment back in April was the big, and I mean really really big, story in Paris or more likely the whole holy fashion month. It was everything you would expected to see on the catwalk but in some ways it was completely unexpected. It was simply simple and fascinating.

Anyways, doubtlessly good choice, Dior.


  1. Absolutely loved the first dress! Fabulous! :)

    1. Dear Anonymous, how to contact You? :)