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Saturday, 15 September 2012

40 minutes in Shaki

"If there will be no other building in Azerbaijan it will be enough to show Khan Palace to the world." - Nazim Hikmet 

Spent a bit more than thirty minutes in Shaki and of course took some pictures for blog...Went to the Palace of Shaki Khans straight away and admired its beauty not for the first and not even for the third time.  The Palace of Shaki Khans (Şəki xanlarının sarayı in Azerbaijani) was a summer residence of Shaki Khans. The two-storied building  (built in 18th century) which is decorated with magnificent frescos and exquisite stained glass work, known as 'shebeke' looks absolutely stunning!

Small model of the Palace of Shaki Khans

Front part of the palace

Example of shebeke (stained glass work)

View from inside

One of Caucasian Albanian churches in Shaki

Jewellery products of local crafters

Fashionable Russian Matreshka illustrating Azerbaijani tolerance (small but counts)

Doll wearing national Azerbaijani costume (beautiful and very feminine)


  1. Wow the architechure in this place is really stunning and you can clearly see that this place has a lot of history behind it I feel like going there to see it for myself.

  2. It really has a long and rich history behind. I would recommend to see it.