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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Window to Europe

It is said that 'Eyes are mirror of the soul'. Why is that? Maybe because our dreams and fears are reflected in our eyes. Maybe, our eyes have seen all the life we have passed and they tell the stories we never want to be known. And maybe that is the reason sometimes we hide them so deligently. What about eyes of the cities, continents and the World? Aren't these live as well? Don't they have the past, the stories which are reflected somewhere? I don't know the exact answer but I guess I have found my own. The one which explains everything to me perfectly. Windows are the mirror of the city.

If you have visited a few European cities you have probably noticed that they are very clean, in most cases full of nice looking flowers, quite creative and most importantly they are diffent. These windows reflect their owners. These windows reflect history of the apartment, of the owners life, of the street, of the all passing by strangers. I have photographed a few number of windows in Switzerland, Italy and France and now I am sharing those pictures so that you can feel the warmth coming from them. 

P.S Thanks for making me think on this topic as well as on a few more ones to Itouch Asl, xx

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