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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

When getting tanned in Cannes I somehow noticed a brochure on the table next to mine which was a desciption of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, one of the houses possessed by Rothschild family. I have seen the villa which they visit from time to time in summer (obviously, only from outside) but this one was different. This one was open for public...I took this brouchure with myself when leaving and the next day I was already visiting the villa.

Even if you are not interested in history and not closely acquainted with beau monde you have probably heard about prominent family of Rothschilds. Famous for their banking activities, the Rothschild family is also known for their achievements as winemakers, collectors and as significant charitable benefactors. Rothschild family means strength through unity.
Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a French seaside house constructed between 1905 and 1912 at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on the French Riviera by Baroness Béatrice de Rothschild. Béatrice was a French socialite, a member of the prominent Rothschild family of France and the wife of Russian-born banker Maurice Ephrussi. So this explains the name of the villa. 

About how beautiful and elegant the villa is you will find in the pictures I took but now I would like to note that by the later part of the 19th century oil was fast becoming an important commodity and the various oil companies in Azerbaijan were producing more oil than any country in the world. So in 1883 through their company, the Caspian and Black Sea Oil Industry and Trade Society they developed a fleet of oil tankers operating in the Caspian Sea which brought them part of their fortune I believe not a small part.

View at the entrance to the villa

Inside the villa

Wall of one of the rooms

Security Guy :)

One of the luckiest roses of the garden with a view to the sea

I was tired so I sat down in the cafe of the villa to drink something cold.. but ended up eating sandwiches and ice cream
...and enjoyed the view as Beatrice Rotschild did at times.

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