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Monday, 27 August 2012

So Why Are Louboutin Soles Red?

Last week when being in Istanbul Airport Lounge I was eating my Ladurees bought in Monte Carlo, drinking tea and watching TV. Soon I became bored so I walked a bit to the nearest table and took a Wall Street Journal Fashion to read.  As I always do I started to read it from the old habit. Guess what I found? Interview of a famous shoemaker, designer, Mr-know-everything-about-shoes-Christian Louboutin. In this interview he was talking about his collection of own shoes, new house and of course red soles.

Surprisingly, but red soles only appeared with the third collection of Mr. Louboutin and it happened totally accidentally. The red sole that winks with each step came to him in a sudden burst of inspiration as he was designing his third collection. Seeing an assistant painting her nails red, he took the polish, applied it to the sole of a shoe and instantly fell in love.

By the way next year Louboutin will launch a cosmetic line, inspired by 'Louboutin manicures' popularized by the curvy woman, ooops I bet I meant Adele(curvy woman is how Karl Lagerfeld called her. :)) But if you don't know what Louboutin manicure is I will be sharing a post about it very soon. So keep up to date with my blog. XOXO.

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