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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Madonna's Concert in Nice

Yes, yes, it is unbelievable but I finally went to Madonna's concert in Nice! I said finally because I tried to get to her concert many times but was never in right place and right location. Shortly, I am very happy. Happy because Madonna is classics.  Happy because she is one of that rare singers songs which I know by heart. And happy because I did that before she leaves music industry (she does not really look like leaving it at all, probably my grand children will see her too (: but still dont want to regret as I did about Michael Jackson and Whitey Houston for not seeing them).

In this concert Madonna was using a lot of religious themes for songs from her MDNA album (which I highly recommend to listen to) but this is quite fine for her. I mean making religion less heavinly and more terrestrial is very very Madonna's style. She also talked about her support for Pussy Riot, sang a song dedicated to them and showed off her tattoo with their names on her hands. Actually should singers mess with politics? Yes? No? But that is another topic for a new post. Overally, concert was much more than magnificent and exactly what I was expecting from her. Dances, show, voice, appearance, costumes, everything was fabulous!

Taking camera in was not allowed I guess but I somehow managed to take mine. I guess this is what they teach in UK universities, taking cameras in prohibited places, acting like secret agents, isn't it? Lol, joke and I hope my university representatives are not reading this post. Anyway enough words more actions or in this case pictures. Pictures are not very clear but they could not be better from the place I was sitting at (it was the best sitting one but there were 5000 people standing in front of me, you see what I mean?).

P.S LMFAO opened show for Madonna and performed their best hits for an hour.

You can also see pictures from Rihanna's concert and Nicole Scherzinger's concert.

Singing 'I don't give a'

Singing  'Masterpiece'

Supporting 'Pussy Riot'

Singing 'Nobody knows me'

Singing 'I am a sinner'

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