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Sunday, 5 August 2012

'iMeet the First Lady'. When A Little Says A Lot

As I am an aunt of two I know that Nickelodeon is the most favourite channel of almost all kids. This surely drives me crazy that children watch a lot of TV but sometimes it is just priceless. Now, what happened a few weeks ago on the channel was just more than amazing. First Lady Michelle Obama appeared in special episode of iCarly. 


Nickelodeon and First Lady Michelle Obama have teamed up to raise awareness about different ways kids can show support for military families. Mrs. Obama admits watching iCarly with her daughters and said she chose to appear on the show because the lead character, Carly Shay is the daughter of an Air Force Colonel currently serving overseas in the military. 

In "iMeet the First Lady," Mrs. Obama talks to Carly about her service to America as a member of a military family and thanks her friends for supporting Carly during her father's deployment.

Sometimes a little says a lot...

And of course my endless thanks for the information shared here to Itouch who is the most informed about everything member of our family! We love you! xx


  1. I have always liked how Mr and Mrs Obamas act in public. However it is a bit discouraging to see these kinds of actions they do during the presidential campaign. It just doesn't feel very right. Once again, I adore their sincerity, just not during this period.

  2. Well, I believe Mrs Obama's participation on this kids' show is just a pure coincidence with the presidential campaign. She does not have to take a shadow role just because the presidential campaign is coming soon. Even if she did so, she is still the First Lady of the United States of America.