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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Better, Stronger, Faster...No Longer. A Bit About Olympics

Today I am writing about one of the and probably the most popular topic of last and current month - Olympics Games. Millions of people were watching the opening ceremony of Summer Olympic Games in London on 27th of July. A cool breeze of Olympic enthusiasm blew all over the world.

When being in London I have been hearing complains towards Olympics a lot. Reason was quite clear, Londoners were not very happy about this event as it was matter of money waste, security and etc. But I think London 2012 Olympics Committee managed to do everything to avoid any problems with London residences. Shortly, Opening Ceremony was absolutely breathtaking.

Yes, it was different from the one in Beijing (2008) but these two were completely differently targetted opening ceremonies. The one in Beijing was the representation of digital advancement when opening ceremony in London was a clear representation of rich British culture. 

This event should have made British be proud to be British...

Twenty six medals with 11 gold medals for GB team is something else to be proud about. But leading position is US's with 48 medals and most importantly, 24 gold. Although, China could have passed US until I finish this article. Today US's medal basket was filled with one more gold medal in tennis. Serena Williams stormed her way to an Olympic gold medal dominating the final against Maria Sharapova of Russia. This really upset me as from the start I was supporting Sharapova which is considered world's ranked #3 tennis player.

The strangest thing is that Sharapova made her professional breakthrough in 2004 at age 17, when she defeated two-time defending champion Serena Williams at Wimbledon final for her first Grand Slam singles title. She entered the top 10 of the WTA Rankings with the win. However, she also lost gold medal at Olympics to the same player.  Let us hope that Sharapova is not going to get retired after this game as Kournikova did.

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