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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Azerbaijani Pakhlava with Some Ice-cream

Cupcake for British, Schnizel for Austrian, Macaroon for French, Kulich for Russian and Pakhlava for Azerbaijani cuisine, considered to be irreplacable.

Who knows maybe the saying that you always prefer food which is essential to the place you were born in (which perfectly proves that Pakhlava is the historical, Azerbaijani dessert) is right?

It does not really matter how many desserts I have tasted so far(really a lot) but I still think Azerbaijani Pakhlava is the most tasty dessert ever cooked. 

Since I have always been eating it with a cup of tea but now it is too hot for tea I have decided to substitute it with an ice-cream. Much more calories but taste is just what you need in summer.


  1. Sade ( wokoladsiz) dondurma ile daha yaxşı olar

  2. Hərşey zövqdən asılıdır.Amma razılaşıram elə daha yaxşı olar.