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Sunday, 29 July 2012

View From Heels

Brands like Vivier are pillars – they are monuments of fashion; they are names we don’t forget”, states Inès de la Fressange, a true doyenne of Parisian haute couture classicism.

Roger Vivier was a shoe designer with great ambition and endless creativity. His designs have always been notoriously unpredictable. Vivier  described his shoes as opulently adorned sculptures, worthy only of those who will deeply appreciate their splendor.


 He is credited with the design of the very first true stiletto in 1954, using thin rods of steel to give women those much needed extra few inches.

One more precious 'piece of information' : Queen Elizabeth II wore a pair of Roger Vivier stilettos for her coronation in 1953.
Vivier’s most iconic design to date is the Pilgrim pump with an oversized silver buckle, first worn by Catherine Deneuve in the film 'Belle de Jour'.  It sent the world of fashion in a complete frenzy, making Vivier – to his dislike – a publicly recognizable personality. 

 As his brand got stronger and his creations more widely desired, so did the price tags.  The most expensive shoe ever sold in the 20th century at an auction was an original Roger Vivier design from 1962 that was created for Princess Soraya(Sürəyya), who was married to the late Shah of Iran. The price tag was a staggering 19,750 euros.

The shoe designed by Roger Vivier for Princess Soraya.

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