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Monday, 23 July 2012

The House Caught Fire

"If my house caught fire suddenly, what would I get from it?" - This question was once asked to himself by Foster Huntington, author of 'The Burning House' book. This gentleman gathered the dear things which he would prefer to take in case of fire, photographed them and posted to his own blog. Then he asked his friends to do the same. And just a few hours after Foster posted on the Internet these shots, other people started sending him their pictures of objects they would take if their house was on fire. Huntington readily collected them in a separate book. Later, he began traveling to different countries in search of new heroes of the project.

 "What would you take with you if your house caught fire?"

 My List:

Mac Book and its charger
Iphone and its charger
Some limited edition books
...Gosh this list does not seem to be ever over 

If you want you may send me pictures of your objects I will publish them on this post, or you may just put your list as a comment. I am passionatly curious about it.


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