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Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Book Wishlist - Top 5

Everytime somebody gives me a book, he/she gives me a 'wow-moment' which lasts for quite long and I am very thankful to all these people...Book is a fetish. Books (nowadays), make a little sense, but we want to have them, even if we will never take them, once read. Oh, I wish the walls of my house were not seen because of the books... but that is another story.

 If this is not the first post on my blog you are reading then you are pretty well informed that there are a lot of posts about books here. But this time I am sharing with you books I am planning to acquire as soon as I am back to London or maybe even earlier, lets see.

P.S If there is any book you would like to recommend you can write it in comment section beneath the article.

 1) Stefan Sagmeister, Things I have learned in my life so far, Abrams, 2008, 248 pg

2) Maira Kalman, The Principles of Uncertainty, The Penguin Press, 2007, 336 pg

3) Ike Ude, Style File: The World’s Most Elegantly Dressed, Collins Design, 2008, 224 pg

 4) My name is Charles Saatchi and I’m a artoholic, Charles Saatchi, Phaidon Press, 2009, 160 pg

While I feel a bit suspicious about contemporary art, this small collection of interviews by Saatchi (the founder of the advertising agency "Saatchi & Saatchi," one of the most influential collectors of contemporary art) should be perfectly fine.

5) Phaidon Design Classics, Phaidon Press, 2006, 3300 pg

Like the bible of design. It just needs to be in my flat. Three fat volumes of this book expalina different objects starting with Chinese scissors Zhang Xiaoquan, invented in 1663, produced to our days unchanged, at the same factory. However, the plastic holder which was invented specifically for this three-volume work by Konstantin Grcic - extremely cumbersome and useless structure.


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