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Monday, 23 July 2012

Mirror, Mirror, On My Wall, Tell Me, Who Is The Loneliest Fool Of All?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Can't you show me tall and slim?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Must I look so bloody grim?
(Mirror, Mirror, Bloody Fibber. Mark R Slaughter)

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Surly you do lie.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
We don’t see eye to eye. (
Déja Vu. Adg)

Mirror, Mirror, on my wall,
Tell me, who is the loneliest fool of all
No, wait a minute, I believe I see
The answer staring back at me. (Mirror, mirror. Rio Diamond)

We do not even know how many poems about mirrors we know and how important they are in our daily life. Mirror gives confidence, sadness, happyness, depression and etc.

Some possibly useful notes on mirrors

Today I went to buy some mirrors. Well, I do buy everything on my own, even bottles of Evian. May sound some kind of crazy but I must choose everything by myself. Anyway, this is not really a case...

Buying mirrors can be really fun. Especially, if you don't only choose the frame but also the mirror itself. Have you ever experienced that in some mirrors you look "a bit" different? In some your reflection is slim, in some a bit fat, dark, light, concrete and so on and on. So the main reason is the mirror, its thickness and origin. One visit to mirror shop is not really enough to fully understand "mirror science" but I can still claim that mirrors which are thicker and very very crystal white are the best ones.

But it is also important to note that sometimes it is not about mirror but the lighting. More precisely the hue of the lighting. Blue flourescent overheads will always bring out your worst features. Unfortunately, they're the most cost-effective and energy efficient on the market, so this is typically what you see in department stores.

Once I have come across an article about certain clothing store chains intentionally outfitting their stores with the worst possible lighting to inspire more sales. The assumption was that the customer will walk into a store, look in a mirror and be unhappy with their appearance and ultimately buy clothing or make up that softens the harshness of the crap lighting induced image they see of themselves.

 P.S If you want to make your room look wide use more mirrors(from personal experience, helps a lot)

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