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Monday, 16 July 2012

Interactive Reading in Modern World

On July 10th internationally known company-TED launched TED Books, a new application for the iPad, which allows a completely different way to look at the familiar process of reading books. It offers users the "interactive reading" based on a thorough understanding of the text.

This application is a catalog of publications, which will be regularly updated with new specimens. Each page of any book provided is equipped with many links, charts, maps, news, videos and audios to help the reader clarify difficult points in the text, to visualize the images, and learn new facts about the heroes of the story. To read additional material, it will be enough just to open the corresponding footnote, marked next to the keyword. However, it is also possible to disable the "advanced" reading, if you do not consider it necessary to delve into the details of the text.

 The average price of each book in the catalog is about $ 3, and the three-month subscription to the publication will cost users $ 15. At the moment the application is only available for Tablet iPad, however, the founder of TED, Chris Anderson, promises soon to adapt it for other platforms, including Android. I have never used Android so I am already very happy with a new application.


I believe that this application won't just make regular reader read with joy but also attract more people to the process called "reading".

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