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Monday, 16 July 2012

Breathtaking Boeing of Turkish Airlines

Dear Reader, hold your breath and open your eyes widely, you have never seen such plane...

Now breathe deeply and keep reading..

Recently, Turkish Airlines has surprised its customers with a new design of the Boeing 737, which began to make international flights this month. Designers, of "Turkish Airlines" have decided to perpetuate the achievements of each of the 17 thousand employees who for many years contributed to the development of the company, placing a huge collage of their photos on board the giant airliner. The project took four months. Anyone can book tickets for a unique aircraft that has regular flights throughout the world, on the official website of Turkish Airlines.

Personally, I really like comfort of this airlines and try to travel with them whenever I can. But, their behaviour toward employees once again proved I was not wrong by prefering them.

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