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Monday, 18 June 2012

Will Be Loving You Till the Last Breath of Mine

When thinking about mom's birthday which is on its short way I have realised that there are more than 180 posts in this blog and nothing about the biggest love of my life. Taking into account the fact that she is in every fifth sentence of mine it is unbelievable how I have not mentioned anything about my Mom so far. 

My first fashion gury, who showed me how clothes fit and who told me trainers belong to gym. A person who is previliged to teach all her knowledge to her children and students.

My first teacher who made me love studying and most importantly learning. A person who made me believe there is really nothing impossible if you really want. 

...She is my muse-for-all-seasons and ages. 

She is someone who makes politics and fashion relevant for everyone. Not only she does love politics and fashion, but she really understands it and how it works best for her and for others.

She emerges as a true lady and the healthy dose of self-depreciation makes her articles, books, interviews surprisingly interesting to read or listen to. She is not not just an icon: she is an icon full stop.

Most importantly, she taught me to enjoy being a girls' girl. 

I am not a writer. Nor have I qualifications, neither am I a professional blogger to write about mom's biography. I just have a lifelong passion which is combined with an extraordinary way in which my life has turned out, has given me the chance to be born in the family I was born.

Truly blessed to be her daughter!


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