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Friday, 29 June 2012

The Book That Just Can't Wait

"You have two months to read the book, otherwise all the words out of it will disappear!" - this sounds something like from Harry Potter but this is how you can briefly describe the invention of Argentine publishers Eterna Cadencia.

 All text is typed with special ink, disappearing in the interaction with sunlight and air. But even if the light does not get to the pages of these works, all the words will disappear after two months anyway. 

These kind of books played another important role: most of the books published 'this way' are written by novice authors, who have no regular readers. Unusual edition will hopefully draw their attention to works of less known writers and make readers look forward to new creations of debutants.

Is not it an amazing motivation for readers who are often unable to read books from cover to cover in one go?

P.S Watch the video to see how they do it.

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