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Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and most populous city in Malaysia. The city has an estimated population of 1.6 million as of 2012. Kuala Lumpur is home to the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, which have become an iconic symbol of Malaysia. Shopping in Kuala Lumpur is really amazing. I found a lot of things I could not find in Europe. Suria KLCC is one of Malaysia's premier shopping destinations due to its location beneath the Petronas Twin Towers.

At the heart of Kuala Lumpur is an area which never sleeps-Chinatown, based in Petaling Street. Deeply immersed in Oriental culture, heritage and history, Chinatown is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist spots in Malaysia.
In one of the shops in Chinatown I had the pleasure of attend a small class on Chinese tea and tea ceremony. First one I had in Beijing more than five years ago. If you ever have chance I definitely recommend to spend a few minutes watching this ceremony because it is real science.
'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.'
Chinese Proverb

Tea Ceremony at Chinese Shop in Chinatown in KL

Little India is a small enclave to the north of Masjid Jamek. The area is a bustling enclave of colourful shops selling saris, spices, and sandalwood along with Hindu temples and Indian restaurants all to the soundtrack of Bollywood music blaring out from numerous Bollywood video shops. It's a place to wander around and take in Indian sights and smells. 

Me in Sari (unstitched cloth, worn by Indian females)

City is quite nice but I would suggest to travel by car if you ever travel to KL. Roads are very broad and new (probably because roads are not free and are repaired by the amount gathered).

Menara Telecommunications Tower in Kuala Lumpur abbreviated as KL Tower is a tall tower located in Kuala Lumpur. Its construction was completed in 1995. It is used for communication purposes. The part of the tower below has a stairwell and an elevator to reach the upper area, which also contains a revolving restaurant, providing diners with a panoramic view of the city. Of course, I also had a dinner at 'Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant' on the top floor of Menara Telemmunications Tower. Food was quite rich with European, Thai and Malai cuisines.

Revolving Restaurant on the top floor of Menara Communications Tower in KL

View from  the restaurant on the top floor of Menara Communications Tower

Greater Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Klang Valley, is an urban conglomeration that is one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the country. The sheer number of mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu shrines and churches here is staggering – in fact some of the country’s best-known attractions are its houses of worship – noteworthy are the rugged limestone Batu Caves, on the city’s northern border – a Hindu place of worship.

Now, one of the most important parts of this post. Malaysian fruits! Although, according to Dukan's diet fruits are not allowed to eat(probably that is why I still refuse to follow this famous diet) I eat and love fruits a lot. The fruits cultivation area in Malaysia are durian, mangosteen, rambutan(I also tasted it in Colombo, Sri Lanka), pineapple, ciku, watermelon, papaya, mango, guava, dukong and chempedak. While you are in Malaysia, you can observe many fruits stalls along the road side, hypermarket and local market. I bought my basket of fruits somewhere close to chinatown nearly 3 times cheaper than I buy in London.

Dragon fruit, Mangosteen, Mango
Dragon Fruit

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