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Saturday, 10 March 2012

'Two' by Tereza Vlčková

Tereza Vlčková, born in 1983, is now one of the most famous women photographers of the Czech young artists, and her photographs have already achieved international fame. The author made ​​a series of large color photographs, which attack the audience not only from the technical sophistication, but its mysterious contents, disturbing the viewer.
In the series of photos 'Two', Vlckova plays with the image of girls and young women, placing them in a fantastic landscape. The appearance of each series takes many months, but as a result we do not feel the complexity of execution. Everything seems to be in perfect harmony: a well-thought-out composition, exquisite color, dramatic light, and the lack of distractions.

"It is easy to change reality. Change reality with fiction, and vice versa .... To create a new man. We all have an alter ego. Another person who lives inside of us own, or someone who is connected with us mentally and physically - our twin ... In this series, I tried to undermine the established role of the child relating to such characteristic qualities, like beauty, playfulness and childishness. I would like to emphasize the identity of the child. The photos were inspired by classical painting, religious images and movies. " -Tereza Vlčková

Pictures from bigpicture 

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