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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shadowy Entity of Iluminati

Okei. So now I guess I am writing about something really scary. Or maybe I don't. I mean maybe they are not scary at all. Or maybe they are not but the idea itself is. Thanks a lot to Dan Brown whose books I was reading when studying at 8th and 9th grades. His books confused me so much that I still can not find my way to understand Illuminati. If only I knew who these people were... Who are they? Where are they? Reading about illuminati is like reading about myth. You read about them but you have no real proof they exist. But then, if they do not exist who would care to invent their history?

Who are Illuminati?

Since time immemorial, science and religion were odd to each other. The church was killing genuine scholars, not hiding their views(such as Kopernik). Religion has always persecuted science. Science has proven that these deities were false idols. Now science has provided answers to almost all questions that may come to man's head, the truth remains some of the most difficult: How did we get there? For what purpose? What is the meaning of life? What is the universe?

A group of people rebelled against the Church of Rome. Some of the most enlightened people of Italy - physicists, mathematicians, astronomers began to gather at the secret meetings to share with each other uneasily over the wrong, as they believed the teachings of the church. These scholars have formed, the first bank in the world of scientific thought and called themselves "enlightened." (The Illuminats) It included the most inquisitive, and the great minds of Europe, sincerely devoted to the search for scientific truths. The main idea of ​​the brotherhood was the elimination of Catholicism. The Illuminati - these are people who are fighting not against religion, but the church itself.

Very shortly about Dollar Symbol

Large print, located on the left of the banknote in denominations of US. $ 1 has the form of a pyramid, which is located above the eye in the triangle. Pyramid - an occult symbol representing a confluence of forces aspiring top, to the absolute power of the Light."Eye in the Triangle" - the character is called trinacria, he is depicted on posters Masonic lodges around the world. It is a symbol of the Illuminats. The members of the fraternity called it "shining delta", call for constant change and education. Eye of the Illuminats refers to the ability to penetrate into the essence of things, and the triangle represents the Greek alphabet letter "delta". Great Seal U.S. calls for change and penetration into the essence of things, or as some would say, to the New World Order. Written under the pyramid "Novus Ordo Seculorum" which means "New Secular Order" or "New secular order".Most researchers believe that the appearance of these emblems was U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace, he ranked in the upper levels of the hierarchy and Masons, no doubt, had contacts with the Illuminati. Was he a member or simply under the influence no one knows.

Now the question is where are all these people? Why do not we know them? And when will they make the world know of their existance(if they really exist)?

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