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Sunday, 11 March 2012


 'What you see is what you see' -Frank Stella

In 1965, the British philosopher Richard Wollheim wrote an essay called 'Minimal Art' and even though he was writing about Colour Field paintings and Dada works, the expression Minimalism became used to describe a form of abstract art that was developing in NY at that time. Minimalism was a reaction against Abstract Expressionism. Minimalists aimed to replace the emotional subjectivity with reason and impartiality. The movement developed from Frank Stella's Black Paintings which were a series of paintings that consisted of black stripes seperated by thin strips of unpainted canvas, reveiling no hidden meanings, symbols or references.The condensed idea: Rejecting social comment, pretentiousness and excess.

Minimalism can be everywhere. In music, in fashion, in arts, in your lifestyle. Truly everywhere. Personally, for me Minimalism is difficult. It is hard to find the borders of it. Is minimalism something you understand or feel? Are its borders where you feel satisfaction with the amount? Or is it set from the start and you should follow the instructions in order not too exceed the amount? Difficult questions. And I am sure each of you have various answers to them.

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