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Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Kate Effect!

"The Kate Effect" can see a dress sell out in just minutes, but the impact the Duchess of Cambridge has had on British fashion goes even further than imagined, boosting the industry by a staggering £1 billlion. Since her marriage to Prince William in April there has been a significant increase in demand for items the new royal has worn.

'Alice Temperley's ' (UK designer) website even crashed because of enormous demand for the dress after Dutchess Catherine has worn it at one of the events(on the picture below). Kate is well-known for her love of homegrown designers.

Fashion isn't the only industry to have gained from "The Kate Effect". The biggest beneficiary has been Buchingham Palace, which saw the number of visitors rockets by 50% to 600, 00 last year following the display of the Kate's wedding dress.

Seems like "The Kate Effect is worth more than a king's ransom ;)

Famous Dress by Alice Temperley

            Kate's Wedding Dress in Buckingham Palace

1st March, 2012
London, UK

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