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Monday, 26 March 2012

'In Art We Trust'

Fashion is art or art is fashion? 

There is an obvious correlation between these two. I believe fashion is an art form - you might call it decorative or applied art as opposed to fine art, but what's the distinction? Because the same amount of artistic expression goes into clothes, a piece of pottery or a painting. 

Some designers are directly influenced by fine art. A lot of Bill Gibb's things were influenced by the slashed panels in dresses, say, Flemish paintings. I myself would be happy to design some dresses influenced by Botticelli or Matisse.  

Yet only an old-fashioned aesthete would argue that the role of the artist is to create beauty. Sometimes artists do, but for most of them beauty tends to be a product of their quest to explore the ambiguities of modern life. 

Now coming to question, is fashion an art or art is fashion? I think fashion has a practical purpose, whereas art does not. Yet, unlike art, fashion rarely expresses more than the headlines of history. So, fashion is art but art isn't fashion.

This week I am inspiried by the similarity of prints of an object of art and fashion so I am sharing them with You.

Damien Hirst, Forgotten Promises Exhibition

Christian Louboutin S/S12 Pigalle Pollock Pump

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