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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Andrea Joseph's sketches

Andrea Joseph is an artist from UK who specializes in hand sketching and has a wonderful ability to create beautiful sketches. She draws anything, anywhere and in any desired manner, generously accompanied their drawings with inscriptions, or vice versa, adding pictures of a pattern consisting of letters, symbols and phrases.

A handful of buttons, old shoes scattered on the table clerical details, unnecessary audio tapes, old keys, bits of paper and scraps of lace - those items for Andrea Joseph are not just a bunch of garbage, they sooner or later appear on the paper of the artist, whether it's student's notebook, desktop wallpaper, album sheet, or a piece of wrapping paper.

One might think that such "creativity" can be made by any schoolboy. But a little closer look into the artist's drawings makes one notice the difference between professional sketches and sketches by students on the back pages of lecture notes taken during boring seminars or tedious lectures.


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