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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Digital Age for Baku and Contribution of Zaha Hadid

Recently, in one of the rich magazines in terms of diversity of information I have come across an article dedicated to life and career of one of the well-known architects of the modern period Zaha Hadid.
It was an interesting idea, which attracted my attention "One can only feel the sense of territory when feet is far from the earth and bearing point is lost.''... Strange. Archimedes would say "Give me a fulcrum, I will change the world''. Seems like two thousand years of history have changed the attitude to a carefully approached opinion-bearing point.

This East-spirited and West-minded lady is also known as the architect of Heydar Aliyev Center, building in the capital city of Azerbaijan Baku.  Having a set of great authority in the world of architecture Zaha Hadid' works bring wonder at first sight-line and later create the feeling of admiration...

Buildings, designed by Zaha are very different. They are not the ordinary buildings we are used to see everyday. Actually, I believe that there should be a large space in order to
accommodate these buildings. Their wide range of beauty can only be carefully observed in large spaces.

I have decided to learn even more about Zaha's ideas and see how she came up with the design of Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre and so I established contacts. Just in case readers may be interested in extraordinary work of this lady and how she applied it to modern city-Baku I am sharing with you some pictures.

19th February, 2012
London, 2012

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