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Friday, 10 February 2012

Books, Books, Books

Haven't written a new entry to my blog for two months. Missed writing things that I really enjoy so much. Still do not understand whether two-months-gap in writing was because I was experiencing some changes in my life during transition from being eighteen to nineteen years old or I was just fed up with writing new articles every week. 

What actually made me write this entry was my last visit to Waterstones-book shop on Gower street. This four-floor building has amazing atmosphere which gives you ready-to-read mood. Especially, the fact that they also have stationery called Ryman and Cafe Costa on the lower ground floor makes this store even more attractive. Personally, I become very happy even when hanging around this building leave alone buying a new book and heading home to warm bed with it. As an active reader I would like to share some favourite books of mine.

1) Notes from the Underground - Dostoevsky
2) Poor Folk - Dostoevsky(reflects human struggles)
3) Digital Fortress - Dan Brown 
4) Shopoholic and baby - Sophie Kinsella(hilariously witty)
5) P.S I Love You- Cecilia Ahern(may be too classic but I still love it)

P.S. It is too hard to remember all favourite books but these are the ones I could not forget.

 10th February, 2012
 London, UK


  1. you suggest go to bed with a book. Really nice, i envy. Nowdays people prefer something more interesting, laptop! )