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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Haute Couture Library

Recently, I have been thinking about factors that motivate me with my studies and came up with some ideas such as provided future, praise from parents and most importantly, satisfaction I gain during the process of studying. But then, despite of my interest in a process called "learning" as all other people I still separate it from other activities of my life such as having fun with friends, doing shopping and etc.

Now I realise that most important factor making word "studying" so distant and cold especially during holidays is the condition in which people are performing it. If you are forced to do it with no caramel latte, macaroons around you in a cold and very not-attractive room studying becomes a "must" for you instead of being a thing you enjoy doing for your own sake.

After seing pictures of Library in Yale, one of the most prestigious universities in the world I can say with no doubt that I would not only spend a few hours of my life reading a book but I would live in this place(pictures provided below)! Why would anyone rush to leave this space to go back home to watch TV?! (Of course, unless you have zero interest in studying)

 11 February, 2012
 London, UK

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