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Monday, 13 February 2012

iPad, iBook, Therefore, iAm..

...writing this post about a new iFamily member. Apple introduced two products, which they conceived to change the way students and pupils work with textbooks radically. 

Now textbooks are paper books, the dead trees that are not interactive, heavy and, moreover, are very expensive. Apple offers what had long been predicted and expected - electronic textbooks, interactive and always up to date.  

So, Apple introduces iBooks 2 and iBooks Textbooks!

iBooks 2 allows you to view books and multimedia tutorials, in which, besides the text and pictures you can watch the video, 3D-models, do tests and etc.

iBooks Author allows you to easily and quickly create multimedia books for iBooks 2. It is not necessary to create a book from scratch, you can import files from Word.

Created book can be immediately viewed on a connected iPad and after the review may be available for purchase. 

iAm a way too excited to see these fabulos creatures!

13th Februry, 2012
London, UK

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