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Monday, 20 February 2012

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn Mellor - an artist from England,  which fascinates and astonishes the whole world. Her source of inspiration are celebrities, politicians and religious leaders. Their photos in glossy magazines, newspapers and tabloids, and subsequently become the basis for further transformations. 

In her portraits she adds bright colors of sadism, irony, sarcasm and blood! Those are her exhibitions that are held throughout the world. It is her that attracts so much confusion and admiration at the same time. And what else does a modern artist need?

I personally really like the idea of transformation itself but I feel a bit frustrated when seeing Audrey Hepbern so ugly/

                              Audrey Hepbern

Karl Lagerfeld

Nicole Kidman



                   View of one of the exhibitions

21st February, 2012 
London, UK

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