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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Face to Face With Karl !

“When I was a child, I never played with other children. I hated them.” - Karl Lagerfeld

“What you need is a face. If you have a face you don’t need height or a voice.” - Karl Lagerfeld

“I detest familiarity, it suits me quite well to seem alone amongst others.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Is he WEIRD? He is Karl Lagerfield so we better replace that word with "too creative". This creative person interviewed himself. He talks about his muses, collection, himself and much more. Watch the video, hilariously witty!

29th February, 2012
London, UK


I hate how it looks when I am wearing white or even black headsets with a nice coat or sky-high heels on the street. It makes you look a bit cheap. Today I have seen something gorgeous!Posh Headsets! 

Yes, our favourite designer Oscar de la Renta has designed headsets for DR.DRE! The only thing I do not really like about these headsets is the design itself. It doesn't really look like general accessories by Renta but still not bad. 

These days joint work of famous companies is very popular. No one really loses but they do make profits. Seems like smarketing is working...

28th February, 2012
London, UK

Sunday, 26 February 2012

"No. 419: Wolf" T-Shirt

The T-Shirt Issue—a collaboration by Mashalah Design and Linda Kostowskiby. A piece of  architecture or poetry?  The t-shirt is called "No. 419: Wolf".

Indeed, just when you thought you’d seen pretty much every t-shirt twist and tweak, what sounds like a another t-shirt design project is actually quite a complex feat of 2D-3D design.

27th February, 2012
London, UK

NY Fashion Week Now Illustrated

Our favourite Looks by Jason Wu, Rodarte,3.1 Phillip Lim, Peter Som,Proenza Schouler from NY Fashion Week now illustrated! Hilarious and very creative!

27th February, 2012
London, UK

Millions Can't Be Wrong

Today is the 20th Anniversary of Khojaly Massacre committed by armed forces of Armenia against Azerbaijani civilians in a town called Khojaly in 1992. Exactly, 20 years ago Armenian occupants dealt with the residents of this city with incredible cruelty. During the genocide a fifth of the population was killed. More than a thousand civilians have become hostages. It was a crucial part of Armenia's plan to capture historical lands of Azerbaijan-Nagorno-Karabakh.   Most of the readers of this post do know this tragic for Azerbaijanis event. However, not all know that this agression was not only against Azerbaijani civialians but also against all HUMANITY!

Yesterday, approximately 300 and today more than 175 000 people gathered in London and Istanbul respectfully in order to raise their voice for justice for Khojaly. International organizations such as UN Resolutions, OIC Summit Resolutions, Independent Organizations such as Human rights Watch, Countries such as Pakistan, Massachussetts State (US) recognized Khojaly Genocide! Now, can MILLIONS BE WRONG?!

It has been exactly 20 years since the genocide in Khojaly. This is not an invented event. This is the reality and history based on facts. Two decades have past from the tragedy. This tragedy is my same age. During these 20 years, I have become a citizen of the country, graduated from high school and was admitted to the university. What happened to the tragedy? What has changed in its destiny? 

World was observing what was happening in Khojaly from the front row but we still have to prove the authenticity of the event. Those who believe that internatonal law has become a literary genre of fiction are absolutely right. The principles of friendship and cooperation between the countries of the world had lost its former importance. If it was not the case Armenia-a country raised the terrorism at the level of state policy and the people who committed these crimes would be punished. 

Today I have read an interesting article by Thomas de Waal for Carnegieendowmen. This article was based on the interview of the current president of Armenia and minister of defense of Armenia at the time of massacre in Khojaly-Serzh Sarkisian. When MR. Waal asked him about Khojaly Sarkisian stated “Before Khojalu, the Azerbaijanis thought that they were joking with us, they thought that the Armenians were people who could not raise their hand against the civilian population. We were able to break that[stereotype]. And that’s what happened". Well, I would say Sarkisyan was right, Azerbijanis would not even think of such agression leave alone expecting it from neighbour country.

Another quote was by an armenian doctor Zori Balayan who admitted murdering four children in Khojaly by skinning them alive. In his book he writes "When I and Khachtur entered the house, our soldiers had nailed a 13-year-old Turkish child to the window. He was making much noise so Khachatur put mother’s cut breast into his mouth. Then I did what their fathers had done to our children.I skinned his chest and belly. Seven minutes later the child died. I did the same to three Turkish children in the evening. I did my duty as an Armenian patriot"(pp 260-262 of the book “Revival of our souls” published in 1996).

 The International Tribunal shall impose a sentence criminals for genocide in Khojaly. These people were innocent. These women, the elderly and small children were killed by Armenian terrorists wing just because they were Azerbaijanis. But who gave the right to take away the lives of thousands of people? This tragedy clearly reflects the undeniable hatred of Armenians to the Azerbaijani people. To the Turks.

We cherish the memory of victims of the Khojaly tragedy, and have no right to forget this crime, as it is impossible to forget the Holocaust, Khatyn, Rwanda and Cambodia. We simply have no right to remain indifferent to such crimes against humanity! 

The genocide was officially condemned as the most severe international dullness. So what is the power of this Convention if humanity is not immune from these crimes?!

No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten ...

Farida Aliyeva
26th February, 2012
London, UK 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Most Demanded Child Model

At the time when little girls dream of becoming princesses, Christina Pimenova has already felt the taste of international fame: her photographs can be found in almost every children's fashion magazine. Six-year Christina has not only been recognized as the most beautiful girl of the 21st century, but also the most popular model girl in the world.

Christine Pimenova - the daughter of a successful football player Ruslan Pimenov and famous European model Glyceria Pimenova, was born in France, where she lived for up to 1 year. At present, her principal place of residence is Moscow, but due to busy schedule and high demand, she often travels.

During her two-year modeling career girl has starred in 15 commercials and has worked with such well-known fashion houses like Prada, Burberry and Silvian Heach. 

23rd February, 2012
London, UK

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rihanna in London Town!

After attending Rihanna's concert in London on 1st of December I totally forgot to share pictures! I must say that concert was really nice with different performances of Rihanna during her show. She is truly energetic and knows how to entertain audience!

P.S Click on image to see it closer.

22nd February, 2012
London, UK

Monday, 20 February 2012

100 Million for Platinum Skull!

A month ago when leaving restaurant in London with my amazing friend we started talking about places we needed to see that week. That was the first time I heard of Damien Hirst. International superstar and inspired self-publicist yes, genius perhaps...

His works of art are too CONTROVERSIAL but still very inspiring. In 2007, one of his works called "For the Love of God"(platinum skull encrusted with diamonds) was sold through a gallery "White Cube" to a group of investors for a record price for the artist still alive in the amount of $ 100 million!!!
Unfortunately, I probably will not be in London however, for all those lucky ones Damien Hirst will be having an exhibition at Tate Modern in London between 4 April, 2012  and 9 September, 2012.

21st February, 2012
London, UK

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn Mellor - an artist from England,  which fascinates and astonishes the whole world. Her source of inspiration are celebrities, politicians and religious leaders. Their photos in glossy magazines, newspapers and tabloids, and subsequently become the basis for further transformations. 

In her portraits she adds bright colors of sadism, irony, sarcasm and blood! Those are her exhibitions that are held throughout the world. It is her that attracts so much confusion and admiration at the same time. And what else does a modern artist need?

I personally really like the idea of transformation itself but I feel a bit frustrated when seeing Audrey Hepbern so ugly/

                              Audrey Hepbern

Karl Lagerfeld

Nicole Kidman



                   View of one of the exhibitions

21st February, 2012 
London, UK

Dress-up Coca-Cola!

 Looks like attracting designers to create its haute couture bottles costs Coca-Cola only PROFITS!

                    Cola by Diane von Furstenberg

                       Cola by Karl Lagerfeld

                       Cola by Gianfranco Ferre

20th February, 2012
London, UK

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Our Favourite Doll-Nicole Scherzinger in London!

Was in HMV Hammersmith Apollo Venue for Nicole Scherzinger's(Pussycat Dolls's Solist) concert yesterday(19th February). Did not really expect it to be so nice but concert was definitely worth going and waiting for a month! Nicole was exactly the same as she is in her videos: tanned, fit and simply gorgeous so I have decided to share some pictures my best friend took for those who unfortunately could not be there.

20th February, 2012
London, UK

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Digital Age for Baku and Contribution of Zaha Hadid

Recently, in one of the rich magazines in terms of diversity of information I have come across an article dedicated to life and career of one of the well-known architects of the modern period Zaha Hadid.
It was an interesting idea, which attracted my attention "One can only feel the sense of territory when feet is far from the earth and bearing point is lost.''... Strange. Archimedes would say "Give me a fulcrum, I will change the world''. Seems like two thousand years of history have changed the attitude to a carefully approached opinion-bearing point.

This East-spirited and West-minded lady is also known as the architect of Heydar Aliyev Center, building in the capital city of Azerbaijan Baku.  Having a set of great authority in the world of architecture Zaha Hadid' works bring wonder at first sight-line and later create the feeling of admiration...

Buildings, designed by Zaha are very different. They are not the ordinary buildings we are used to see everyday. Actually, I believe that there should be a large space in order to
accommodate these buildings. Their wide range of beauty can only be carefully observed in large spaces.

I have decided to learn even more about Zaha's ideas and see how she came up with the design of Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre and so I established contacts. Just in case readers may be interested in extraordinary work of this lady and how she applied it to modern city-Baku I am sharing with you some pictures.

19th February, 2012
London, 2012