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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Music is more fun now. Thanks to iCon!

Jobs. Steve Jobs. Name that majority of readers of this post knows. We know this person, this genius for his work for Apple and as an extremely important person in business and technology industry. Steve not only changed approach to design of products but also changed approach of using them. He added more pleasure by putting i-pod in shuffle mode. This is how music of today combines with yesterday and prepares us for music of tomorrow.

When writing this my ipod changed my music from Adele-He wont go to Beyonce-I was here and then to Rihanna-Fading and so on. Sometimes it finds music matching my feelings perfectly. But even if does not, we have fast-forward button, don't we?

Moreover, nowadays ipod is a nice substitution for the radio. From my own experience, I would say I would better listen to my playlist in shuffle mode formed by my favourite songs rather than listening to different chit-chats or jingles or adverts on the radio.

Overally, Jobs did a great job. He created something new. Brought a fresh wave of ideas to techno-industry. Jobs created art of using technology!

6th November, 2011
London, UK

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